• NCIS agents are heading to Australia
  • In 2023 there will be a spin-off in Sydney
  • There are rumours about a "Ziva" comeback

On NCIS: Hawaii, Vanessa Lachey took command as team leader "Jane Tennant." Just a few months after the premiere, there is more good news for fans: the NCIS universe will expand to Australia.

It will be the first time investigators have left the United States. A long journey lies ahead: off to sunny Sydney. Is a popular NCIS star returning in a leading role?

Will "Ziva" return in NCIS: Sydney

In season 3, the original NCIS team welcomed "Ziva David," played by Cote de Pablo. The "Ziva" actress, who actually had surprising feelings about her character, later quit the series because she wasn't happy with the direction of her role.

At the time, de Pablo said during a question and answer session: "Unfortunately, because of political things and the scripts not being good enough, I chose not to [return]." Nonetheless, she reappeared in seasons 16 and 17 for a few episodes.

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Cote de Pablo never really turned down a comeback before. She said if someone put together "something fantastic" for her role, she could imagine returning as "Ziva."

So the actress has already proven several times that she is more than ready to return to the crime series. The new NCIS: Sydney could be her new opportunity. Bringing back such a well-known face would be a great strategy for the spin-off.

So far, there's no indication that Cote de Pablo will appear in the spin-off. The series is planned for 2023, but the production is staying secretive about the cast.