• NCIS' "Abby" is set to return in the new season
  • There is official information about her comeback
  • Will Pauley Perrette be back as Abby?

Warning, spoilers! This former fan favorite could make a return to NCIS. Even "Gibbs'" character (Mark Harmon) was alluded to again and again after his departure, now the same should probably happen with "Abby" (Pauley Perrette).

NCIS "Abby": Is her comeback planned?

NCIS showrunner Steven D. Binder told TVLine: "I want to start doing that with Abby’s character as well. I’d like to start feeling her [presence] a little more. I thought we were a little remiss in not, but there are so many moving parts…. But she is still out there fighting the good fight and watching us, and she is a part of us and we’re a part of her."

In season 15, "Abby" left the show after being shot and seriously injured in the hospital. 

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NCIS "Abby": Will Pauley Perrette Return?

However, it's not clear if fans of the show will actually see "Abby" actress Pauley Perrette on camera. After all, the actress clarified on Twitter in 2019: "NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER!"

Mentions of her character would be quite possible instead, as has already happened with Mark Harmon's character. It was recently shown that "Gibbs" has a college fund for the children of his colleagues. What will we soon learn about "Abby"?