This NCIS news should cheer up fans after the exit of "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon). In the new episode of season 19, which airs on Nov. 8, there will be not only a long-awaited comeback but also a surprising guest star. 

Both guests are closely related to Special Agent "Timothy McGee" (Sean Murray), whose family gets involved in an exciting new case. (Warning: Details about the new episode follow.)

NCIS season 19: "Delilah" is back with her mother

In the new episode, "McGee" and NCIS investigate the death of a man on a cruise ship. Unsuspecting, he is confronted by his family, because of all people, his mother-in-law "Judy" finds the lifeless body.

"Judy" is played by none other than Patricia Richardson. Most will know her from Home Improvement, where she played the mother "Jill Taylor." Now she shows a completely different side on NCIS, as "Judy" must explain herself after finding the body.

Patricia Richardson

But that's not all. Since "Judy" appears in the new episode, so too does her daughter "Delilah" (Margo Harshman), the wife of "McGee."

She was last seen in episode five of season 18 and is a real fan-favourite. The previews for the brand-new episode promise an emotional reunion for the couple.

One can only hope that the case gets solved without any problems. The new episode airs on Monday, Nov. 8. 

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