For almost 400 NCIS episodes, "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) and his team have been delighting fans with exciting criminal cases. The long-awaited 18th season is expected to premiere in November, and now actor Joe Spano, 74, has also announced a comeback.

NCIS season 18: "Tobias Fornell" returning?

"Tobias Fornell" hasn't been on NCIS since season 16. Back then, his daughter "Emily" was in danger after being hospitalized for a drug overdose. He had asked "Gibbs" for help in finding the drug dealer who sold his daughter the substances.

Now it looks like that storyline will continue. In a tweet, Spano himself revealed that he will return to the series in the new season.

Joe Spano as "Tobias Fornell" with daughter "Emily" (Juliette Angelo) in NCIS season 16

NCIS: "Tobias Fornell" and actor Joe Spano return

On Twitter, the ex-NCIS actor was promoting a local theatre and added a note about the CBS crime series: "And...we're back at work on NCIS again!" he wrote.

Of course, it wasn't long before the fans saw the actor's message. Under the tweet, Spano's followers expressed delight about the news for the new season of NCIS.

NCIS season 18 is expected to premiere in November. The long-running series will cross the 400-episode milestone in Episode 2 of the new season. Get the first details about the special anniversary episode here.