• NCIS is airing season 19 now
  • We haven't seen "Ducky" for a while
  • There's a new update on star David McCallum

"Ducky" sightings on NCIS have become rare in recent seasons. Now in season 19, it's been many weeks since fans have seen actor David McCallum on the show.

NCIS season 19 is nearing its end, but there's a new update that fans will like: "Ducky" will be back this season. Star Brian Dietzen just shared the exciting news.

NCIS surprise: "Ducky" returns in season 19

NCIS season 19 has four episodes remaining, and at least one of them will feature "Ducky." On Instagram, "Palmer" actor Brian Dietzen shared a photo from the set, showing himself alongside David McCallum and Katrina Law.

David McCallum returns in NCIS season 19

Dietzen teased: "You guys! We've got some great stuff coming at you over the final #NCIS episodes this season. Really looking forward to this one in particular. This one was special."

"Ducky" retired as NCIS medical examiner in season 15. He became the team's historian and continues to appear in the occasional episode. Star David McCallum will turn 89 later this year.

Also interesting:

After the exit of "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon this season, David McCallum is one of the few original NCIS stars still on the show.

NCIS is coming off its crossover episode with NCIS: Hawaii. But sadly the next episode is still a few weeks away, airing on Monday, April 18.

Watch for "Ducky" in this season's last few episodes!