Save the date! NCIS season 18 concludes on May 25 — which is still five episodes away. But star Wilmer Valderrama is already hyping up that finale episode and teased fans with some big expectations in a new interview.

NCIS season 18 finale is "emotional," says Wilmer Valderrama

This week, TVLine spoke to the "Nick Torres" actor, who gave a pretty high sell of the season 18 finale. "I think we're going to combine a lot of the seeds we planted through season 17 and 18 and give the fans a real finale," Valderrama said.

"Like, a real, explosive finale that a show whose loyal audience shows up live for deserves to see," he continued. "I mean, we're going to give people a lot to talk about."

When pressed on if the finale would reveal anything on the future of "Gibbs," Valderrama said he "can only speak for Torres," but he added that "this episode is just badass, man. It's a really emotional, controversial type of episode."

NCIS and "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) back for season 19

This month, NCIS was renewed for a 19th season after question marks about the show's future and Mark Harmon's role moving forward. But both will be back for the 2021-22 TV season, though it's possible Harmon could have a reduced role with the series.

NCIS airs next on Tuesday, April 27, which will be Episode 12 of this season. Here you can get the recap of Episode 11, a big one for "Torres." Meanwhile, that "explosive" finale Valderrama teased airs at the end of next month, May 25. 

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