It has just been announced that a new Planet of the Apes film is officially in the works at Fox, set to be directed by Wes Ball, better known for his work on the Maze Runner film series! Originally released in 1968, Planet of the Apes has had a couple of remakes and reboots, including Tim Burton's 2001 film starring the fabulous Helena Bonham Carter.

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Is Fox's new Planet of the Apes movie a sequel or a reboot?

It has not been revealed if the upcoming film will be a reboot or an extension of previous films, but whatever the case, we're sure it will be quite exciting since Wes Ball's work is simply fascinating. His Maze Runner trilogy, for instance, was such a success that it grossed almost $1 billion worldwide. Now we can't wait to see his depiction of humans and intelligent apes co-existing and clashing for control!

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