No Time to Die is moving ahead with promos for Bond 25!

Today, a music video for "No Time to Die," the theme by Billie Eilish, dropped on YouTube. It features Eilish performing her track, as well as new footage of Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux in the upcoming film, still scheduled to hit theatres in November.

No Time to Die: New music video for Billie Eilish theme song

In the music video, Eilish performs the theme in sparsely-lit, black-and-white scenes, interspersed with footage of No Time to Die. Craig, in his final Bond film, and Seydoux appear in romantic previews, while shots of the franchise's trademark action and drama are also included.

Eilish's haunting and romantic "No Time to Die" originally dropped on Feb. 14, back when the film was scheduled for an April 2020 release — prior the COVID-19 pandemic. Now scheduled for November, No Time to Die seems set on moving forward with a 2020 release, despite speculation that the Bond film could join other blockbusters in postponing to 2021 amid a shaky post-pandemic global box office.

No Time to Die cast: Daniel Craig, Bond Girl Léa Seydoux, villain Rami Malek

Presuming we see No Time to Die premiere on Nov. 12 (UK) / 20 (US), it will be Craig's fifth and final outing as "007." Rami Malek co-stars as the new villain, while Seydoux returns as "Madeleine," first seen in Spectre.

"The film is a love story," Seydoux said in a recent interview. "It's a story between the two of them, so it's very unusual for a Bond film to see James Bond in love, right? And I think it's quite modern in a way," she added.

For more No Time to Die, you can check out the trailer or catch up on rumours of Tom Hardy succeeding Craig as "James Bond" following the film.

Sean Connery starred as the iconic spy agent, "James Bond".

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