• Everyone loves Chumlee from Pawn Stars
  • A lot has happened to him over the years
  • From weight loss to scandal, this is Chumlee today

Pawn Stars is known for its cast of colourful characters. And Chumlee just might be the top fan favourite.

Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Russell, has been with Pawn Stars since the beginning in 2009. He's gone through a lot over the years, but he's still on the show today. The star has also really transformed his look.

Would you recognize Chumlee from Pawn Stars today?

Chumlee, 39, has made headlines over the years for dramatic weight loss and legal troubles. But the Pawn Star is looking healthy and has revamped his style. This is what Chumlee looks like in 2022:

Looking good, Chumlee! He's been working at Rick Harrison's pawn shop since 2003, after being a childhood friend of Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison.

Also interesting:

Chumlee was in hot water a few years ago, when he narrowly avoided a prison sentence on drug and weapon charges.

But he took a deal for three years of probation and counselling. After a brief absence in 2016, Chumlee was brought back to Pawn Stars, and you'll still see him on the popular show today.