• Cillian Murphy hints at a possible 'Peaky Blinders' movie
  • He played the iconic "Tommy Shelby"
  • The final series was broadcast in 2022

Hold onto your flat caps, Peaky Blinders fans! Cillian Murphy, the brooding heartthrob who brought "Tommy Shelby" to life, has just dropped a bombshell that's got us all in a tizzy! During a scintillating 'Actors on Actors' exchange with the ever-charming Margot Robbie (32), Murphy teased the tantalizing possibility of a 'Peaky Blinders' movie. 

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The rumor mill churns

"I'm open to the idea," he confessed, sending waves of excitement through the fandom. And who can blame him? With a story as rich as the "Shelbys", there's always more mischief to be made!

Even Hollywood's darling, Margot Robbie, couldn't contain her enthusiasm as she gushed over the series. "Of course there's more story to tell!" she exclaimed, echoing the sentiments of fans worldwide. And with Murphy's character riding off into the sunset on horseback, who wouldn't be clamoring for a sequel?

The streets of Birmingham have been buzzing since 2021 when a 'Peaky Blinders' movie was first announced. Showrunner Steven Knight (63, writer/director) had us all on pins and needles, claiming the script was nearly done and hinting at a 2023 production start. Yet, the silence since has been deafening. Is Knight too wrapped up in a galaxy far, far away, now spearheading a 'Star Wars' project? Only time will tell!

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Meanwhile, Cillian Murphy isn't just sitting around polishing his razor blade cap. Fresh off his explosive role in Christopher Nolan's 'Oppenheimer,' he's already dived into another historical drama, 'Small Things Like These.' But let's be real – we're all just waiting for him to don that iconic tweed suit once more.

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Can't wait for more 'Peaky' action? 'Oppenheimer' is ready to rock your world on Prime Video and Apple TV Plus. And for those hungry for more binge-worthy series, check out our top picks on Netflix!