• The series Peaky Blinders began in 2013
  • The cast wears distinct hairstyles and costumes
  • This is how the actors actually look in real life

We all know Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson and Sophie Rundle from Peaky Blinders. The series is set in the 1920s and '30s – and the stars are styled accordingly.

As you might expect, the actors look quite different off the set. This is how the Peaky Blinders stars look in real life.

Unrecognizable! See the Peaky Blinders cast in real life

One of the main roles is played by Cillian Murphy. While he looks like THIS as "Tommy Shelby" in the series, Murphy would look rather different if you saw him in reality. Right away, you'll see that Murphy wears his hair longer in real life.

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In Peaky Blindersactor Paul Anderson portrays "Tommy's" brother "Arthur Shelby." Off-screen, he does without the distinctive hairstyle and looks completely different.

You might do a double take when you see pictures of Sophie Rundle a.k.a. "Ada" on Peaky Blinders. She looks like this in reality...

Watch the video above to see the Peaky Blinders actors in real life!