• Everyone saw Pretty Woman back in the 1990s
  • The movie starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere
  • Here are facts you need to know on Pretty Woman

Fans of the romantic comedy Pretty Woman are familiar with the fact that a few special moments in the film were actually improvised, such as when Richard Gere's character shuts the jewelry case.

Here's Everything You Should Know About Pretty Woman

At least one website, Box Office Mojo, still recognizes the film as the most successful romantic comedy. But there's lots more to know about Pretty Woman, from the cast to the music and more...

Julia no fue la primera opción para su papel: descubre fascinantes secretos sobre 'Pretty Woman'

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Julia Roberts as "Vivian Ward" in the 1990 hit movie Pretty Woman.

She does not think the movie would get made today...

'Pretty Woman': What Julia Roberts Thinks About The Movie Today

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts star in the 1990 film, "Pretty Woman"


True or false? 'Pretty Woman' was actually supposed to have a happy ending!

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