For many fans, Road House will forever be Patrick Swayze's movie. But that could change for younger generations, as a Road House remake is in the works.

The 1989 film stars Swayze as the bouncer "James Dalton" who moves to work at a small-town bar in Missouri. The movie was a mild success in its day but became a cult classic over the years, and MGM is now making a new version of the film.

Road House remake: From Patrick Swayze to Jake Gyllenhaal?

MGM's Road House has been in the works for years, but a new Variety report says the studio finally views it as a priority in the near future. There's also an A-list star attached to the project: Jake Gyllenhaal.

Road House: Remake of Patrick Swayze film might cast Jake Gyllenhaal.

Variety notes that Gyllenhaal is "in talks to star" in the remake, about which little else is known. So we don't yet know if the Oscar-nominated actor would fill Swayze's role from the original or take the remake in a new direction.

A 2006 sequel to Road House already covered a story about the son of "James Dalton," so that angle could be off the table for this new project.

Reportedly, a script draft for the remake could happen soon, and director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Bourne) is also rumoured to potentially direct.

As for Gyllenhaal, he's one of today's most in-demand stars. Since earning an Oscar nod for Brokeback Mountain, he has continued to receive high acclaim for work in titles like Zodiac, Nightcrawler, and Prisoners.

Swayze, who passed away in 2009, was joined in the original film by stars including Sam Elliott and Kelly Lynch.

For fans of Swayze and Gyllenhaal alike, the Road House remake will be one to watch for in the near future.

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