In the new Hulu film Run, Sarah Paulson stars as a very intimidating mother suffering from Munchausen by proxy syndrome. The American Horror Story star plays the role of "Diane Sherman", who isolates and homeschools her teenage daughter "Chloe", played by Kiera Allen.

Sarah Paulson stars as "Diane" in Run

In Run, "Chloe" is being heavily medicated by her mother, and cannot be sure if Paulson's character really is who she claims to be. One thing is for sure, "Diane" is definitely harboring a lot of secrets. The psychological thriller, directed by Aneesh Chaganty is the big-screen debut for Kiera Allen who, like her character "Chloe", also uses a wheelchair in real life. 

"She leaped off the page from the first time I read the script. She’s super-smart and tough, and Aneesh and I spent a lot of time just talking about the character and the reasons why we connect with her," Allen said about her character while talking to EW.

The movie was originally scheduled to be released in May 2020 but the premiere was delayed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Run will premiere in the United States on Hulu on November 20.