• Sex and the City released a movie
  • The movie was released in 2008
  • Here are the best parts of the film 

Sex and the City movie fans will remember 2008 as one of the most exciting years! Fans everyone flocked to theaters with the release of the film, eager to see how the producers would wrap up the storylines of our favorite characters. 

Would "Carrie" and "Mr. Big" finally tie the knot? Would "Charlotte" get the child she always dreamed of having? These questions and more were finally answered with the release of the film, and while critics gave the movie mixed reviews, the Sex and the City movie was a box-office success! 

Sex and the City Movie

Sex and the City movie was received warmly by fans, and while we think the whole film is worth watching again and again, there were some moments that stood out more than others! First on our list is the epic bouquet attack!

After "Mr. Big" stands her up at their own wedding, "Carrie" is absolutely devastated. However, "Mr. Big" soon realizes his mistake and comes back to make things right. Being the strong and independent woman that she is and deeply hurt by his actions, sorry just doesn't cut it for "Carrie". Instead she wacks the life out of him with her bouquet of flowers, leaving us rooting for his demise by floral display! 

Sex and the City Movie More Best Parts

Another memorable Sex and the City movie part is the girls trip to Mexico. Originally planned as "Carrie's" honeymoon, "Samantha", "Charlotte", and "Miranda" take matters into their own hands to make "Carrie" feel better on this girl's getaway. There's nothing a little sun and a margarita (or a few) won't fix!

The most memorable part of the film, however, was the ending. Saving the best for last, when "Carrie" returns to the apartment "Mr. Big" had bought for her to claim her cherished Manolo Blahniks, a surprise awaits her. 

There standing in her fabulous walk-in closet is none other than "Mr. Big"! Getting down on one knee and showing how deeply sorry he is, "Mr. Big" proposes to "Carrie" once again, but his time with her crystal shoe instead of a ring!

In a scene that couldn't have been more romantic, "Carrie" says yes, and the pair are finally wed with a simple wedding, this time in City Hall. We could just watch this scene over and over as well as the entire Sex and the City movie! 

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