The latest Marvel film earned an estimated $185 million over its six-day holiday release. Spider-Man: Far From Home is the biggest six-day July 4 opening of all-time. The newest movie from Marvel is the fourth movie this year to cross the $100 million mark in its debut, following Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and Toy Story 4.

Tom Holland, who stars as "Peter Parker", on the red carpet at the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere.

Spider-Man: Far From Home breaks records at the box office

Toy Story 4 finished in second place over the holiday. The latest Pixar film has earned $650 million total at the global box office so far. Spider-Man: Far From Home blew past expected estimates of $125 million. The film features Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal. Check out the video for more!