The first teaser for the new sci-fi series Star Trek: Picard was released on May 23rd and fans all over the world (including us) are excited to see "Jean-Luc Picard" back in action. The Starfleet Captain last appeared in his most legendary role in the 2002 film Star Trek: Nemesis. The new series is set rougly 20 years after the events of Nemesis.

In the trailer, a female narrator can be heard saying: "Fifteen years ago today, you led us out of the darkness. You commanded the greatest rescue armada in history. Then? The unimaginable. What did that cost you? Your faith? Your faith in us? Your faith in yourself? Tell us, why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?"

Star Trek: Picard - Watch the first trailer right here

Although no official release date has been set, the series by CBS All Access and Amazon Prime Video will probably premiere in late 2019. Watch the trailer right here!