• Law & Order: SVU has many popular characters
  • But fans voted and one character stands out from the rest
  • THIS is who SVU fans chose as the best character

Law & Order: SVU has introduced fans to many, many characters in its 20-plus years on TV.

The show has featured stars like Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T for decades, while others like Christopher Meloni and Richard Belzer have left SVU over time...

But who is the actual fan-favourite character from Law & Order: SVU? Luckily, we have the answer thanks to a recent poll in the show's fan community on Reddit.

SVU: The most popular character voted by the fans

Round by round, voters were asked to choose their least favourite SVU character, until only one was remaining. And it wasn't "Benson" or "Stabler."

The final round actually came down to "Fin Tutuola" versus "John Munch." And the winner was: "Tutuola," the veteran SVU detective played by rapper Ice-T.

Clearly, fans have grown fond of "Fin" over the years. He joined the SVU cast way back in season 2.

Also interesting:

After "Tutuola" and "Munch," the unit psychiatrist "Dr. George Huang" came in third place. He was followed by "Dr. Melinda Warner" in fourth and then "Olivia Benson" in fifth.

As for "Elliot Stabler," he came in a tie for seventh place, after "Rafael Barba" in sixth.

But for now, it is Ice-T's "Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola" who wears the crown as fan-favourite on Law & Order: SVU.

See pictures and more in the video above!