• Something that was anticipated for 24 seasons is about to happen
  • The new season of Law and Order: SVU will have a lot of romance
  • The show also says goodbye to one of its characters 

According to the series' executive producer, Julie Martin, the character played by Mariska Hargitay will finally acknowledge her feelings for Christopher Meloni's character.

Will we see a kiss between these colleagues?

Although the fans have waited 24 seasons to see this romance, their reunion will not happen easily.

"She will talk to Rollins about her feelings for Stabler in Episode 9, Dec 8th," the producer revealed.

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Coincidentally, this same episode will be the last episode for "Detective Amanda Rollins" who after 12 seasons on the show will turn in her badge. .

In a preview of the latest episode, it is seen that "Rollins" was able to articulate her feelings for a co-worker, unlike "Benson" and "Stabler". According to Meloni, "Stabler" has a lot to work out before he can fully commit to a relationship with "Benson".

So "Benson" and "Stabler" are not expected to kiss anytime soon despite revealing their feelings. The actor portraying "Elliot Stabler" confessed what he thinks about this possible romance between his character and his partner... "I mean, these are real juicy, complicated things that I would think are very interesting to explore," said the actor

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