It's The Bachelor finale week and night one has come and gone! Peter was in Australia with his final two women, Hannah Ann and Madison to meet his parents and have their final dates together. Peter meets with his parents (Barb and Pete Sr.) and tells them about Hannah Ann and Madison.

The Bachelor: Barb and Pete Sr. love Hannah Ann 

First up, Hannah Ann! She's all in and incredibly excited to meet Peter's parents and she doesn't waste any time telling them how much their son means to her. However, as the day goes on, things seem to go smoothly on both ends and it seems like the meet the parents went great for Hannah Ann! 

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Peter is very on the fence and still unsure as to how he's going to make this big decision. Moving into his time with Madison, things are a little more tense. She still can't seem to get past the Fantasy Suite indiscretions. Madison is "hanging on by a thread."

Madison is "Hanging on by a thread"

While meeting Pete's parents, Madison tells them that she loves him and also talks about her Fantasy Suite ultimatum, which Barb doesn't love. Their differences are brought up about their faith and Peter's brother Jack is unsure that their lifestyles truly match up. It was an emotional day.

Now, we cut to the much anticipated scene of Barb telling Peter to not "let her go"! But who is she referring to? Well, none other than Hannah Ann! Shocker. "You have a gem waiting for you who is madly, head-over-heels in love with you and God put her there for you," Barb says.

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The Bachelor: "I want Madi more than anything" 

Peter gets upset and defends Madison saying "you guys don't know the Madi I know." "I want Madi more than anything," the Bachelor sobs. Was that a decision Pilot Pete? The next day when he meets with Madison for their final date, she has decided to "surrender" and she walks away, leaving Peter heartbroken.

Peter obviously doesn't know what to do. The next day he arrives for his date with Hannah Ann and tries to justify that he is equally as in love with Hannah Ann as he is with Madison. But, Hannah Ann notices that something is up with the Bachelor. Hannah Ann is completely all in with Peter and he is just not saying or doing the things she wants and needs to hear. 

Hannah Ann decides to tough it out and we will just have to wait another few hours to find out how Peter's season is going to end. Does The Bachelor himself even know?