This week's episode of The Bachelor went back to the basics for a traditional episode of two group dates and a one-on-one date. Colton even got some personal camera time while he filmed himself talking about how excited he is for the first group date. Group date number one took place at a theatre with celebrity couple Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, where the women were expected to get up on stage and tell a story about "our first". Whatever that means. Colton demonstrated by telling the story of the first time he told his teammates that he was a virgin. Classic. 

Hannah from Alabama was the lucky one picked for the first one-on-one date of the season! However, it was a bit of a train wreck where she just feels and looks uncomfortable the entire time. Colton has to try and calm her down and when she finally opens up a little bit, she gets the rose. 

Group date number two consisted of two teams of girls, pretty much competing against one another in a summer camp-like environment. Whichever team wins, gets to spend the night at the camp with Colton. Comedian Billy Eichner is a special guest at this group date. The red team wins the competition and gets to spend extra quality time with Colton. 

A new villain emerges on the second group date... Demi. Demi seems to be the woman in the house that everyone hates at this point. She is always the first to steal Colton along with the fact that she touched the group date rose before Colton even gave it out! (Which wasn't to her by the way.) Shaking things up at the mansion, let's see how long this villain lasts... Stayed tuned for next week!