The 24th season of The Bachelor premiered last night on ABC and let's just say that the first episode did not disappoint at three hours long. We get a nice glimpse of Peter in his element with an airplane to start and then get to see him chatting about love to Chris Harrison as they drive around for a while. Next, we get to meet some girls! With a few little cameo teases, the limos start arriving.

The Bachelor: Meet this season's women 

With girls telling terrible jokes and puns, to popping out of suitcases and dressing up like a windmill (cue the jokes), Peter is definitely going to have his hands full. We think all the women have arrived until the one and only Hannah Brown steps out of the limo! She however is only there (for now) to give Peter back his co-pilot wings and to wish him luck on his journey... 

The awkward first night one-on-one conversations begin. It's Hannah Ann who get the first kiss after giving Peter a painting of the Smoky Mountains that she did with her father. The women start getting a bit more anxious once the first kiss of the night has happened... Women start interrupting one another and things really start getting interesting, one paper airplane at a time.

Hannah Ann receives the first impression rose 

Hannah Ann ends up stealing Peter away three times and the women aren't impressed. Who gets the first impression rose you ask? Well it's none other than Hannah Ann herself! The women that receive roses on night one are: Victoria P., Madison, Kelley, Lexi, Savannah, Lauren, Tammy, Alayah, Jasmine, Sydney, Natasha, Mykenna, Deandra, Sarah, Alexa, Kelsey, Payton, Kiarra, Courtney, Shiann, and Victoria F.

First Group Date

Moving on to the first group date (which starts with Peter washing a plane shirtless), Peter takes 9 of the women to flight school with two female pilots, Katie Cook and Alisa Johnson. The women have to do some math and learn some terminology and they get to take a ride on the gyroscope (which ends in barfing for Victoria P.). Then the women had to complete a flight-themed obstacle course where Kelley was the winner and go to take a private "sunset flight" with Peter, even though she cheated to win. Kelley gets the group date rose and the women are not impressed.

Peter's parents renew their vows

Meanwhile, Madison gets this week's one-on-one date! She gets to go to Peter's house where his parents are renewing their vows in their backyard. Wow! It was an emotional and beautiful date, that we can all agree on. Both Peter and Madison seem to have had a really great time.

Second Group Date - Hannah Brown Breaks Down 

The final group of women head out for the second group date where Peter meets them at the Avalon Theatre. This is where Pete and the women meet Hannah Brown again who is standing on stage next to a giant windmill... where she starts to recount the time when her and Peter had sex in a windmill four times. The women start to get worried about Hannah still being there and Hannah is backstage crying over her lingering feelings for Peter. We will have to wait until next week to see what happens... 

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