July 1st's episode of The Bachelorette took place in the Netherlands where Hannah took Jed on her first one-on-one of the week. The couple spent their day exploring Amsterdam and Hannah actually confessed her love to the singer-songwriter. "I'm falling in love with you and I'm shaking inside because I think I've known it for a little while but I haven't said it at all," Hannah confessed to Jed. Jed of course agreed and he received a rose and a confirmation that Hannah will be visiting his hometown. 

Horseback riding with Tyler C. 

Tyler C. received the second one-on-one date and they spent the day horseback riding which turns out, wasn't Tyler's favourite activity to do. Tyler opened up to Hannah about his parent's marriage failing after his family was affected by the recession. Hannah gave Tyler the rose for opening up and being vulnerable with her. See you at hometowns, Tyler!

Sad farewell for Mike

Mike received the third and final one-on-one of the week and they biked around the Netherlands and then went to an art studio where they had to draw each other. Let' just say that the end result was a little interesting... They also got their portrait drawn together by a professional. Before the dinner portion of the date, Hannah seemed to have an epiphany while staring at a painting and realized that she just isn't the one for Mike. She said goodbye before dinner and even though Mike confessed later on that he was "crushed", he took the news very gracefully. 

Connor was upset that he didn't get a one-on-one this week and so he decided to go to Hannah's hotel room to spend some quality time with her. That didn't end up working out so well for him as Hannah decided that she had stronger feelings in her other relationships and ultimately let Connor go. Sorry Connor!

"This is a pile of bologna. Look at that." 

The group date ended up being Hannah with Garrett, Luke P. and Peter. It basically turned into Luke and Garrett fighting and throwing bologna at each other. Peter got some quality time, Garrett confessed his love to Hannah in a desperate attempt to stay and Luke opened up to Hannah about his testimony and how he became a born-again Christian in the shower. 

Ultimately, Hannah decided to keep Luke P., Peter, Jed and Tyler. Which means Garrett, Connor and Mike were sent home. We got an exciting glimpse into the next few episodes and we can't wait to see what goes down during hometowns! Until next week...