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'The Bachelorette': Week 2 Recap

It was another wild night on The Bachelorette last night and we have the full run down of the main points of action for you right here. Be aware, spoilers lie ahead for last night's episode so we advise you to stop reading if you haven't already seen the magic unfold...

Labour pains simulator group date 

The first group date of the night was all about babies. The guys got to join husband and wife actor duo Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen who tested their knowledge on babies and everything that comes after well... making one. Let's just say the guys had a tough time and really lacked in knowledge in that area. The guys were even invited to experience the feeling of childbirth through the magic of a labour pains simulator. Definitely a scene you don't want to miss! Mike received the group date rose.

Hannah was in the hospital 

The 1-on-1 date went to Connor, however the date went a little differently than expected. Hannah was in the hospital after fainting the morning of the date. She had some fluids pumped into her and therefore was on bed rest. Connor got to come and spend the day with Hannah just hanging out, which was a bit of a glimpse into what the future could look like for them. Hannah did feel better miraculously and they were able to go for a nice dinner and a concert by Lukas Graham. Connor got a rose. 

Group date photo shoot

The second group date was a photo shoot with some pretty interesting creatures. Puppies, snakes and alpacas were all a part of the date and from what we could tell, everyone had a lot of fun! Demi Burnett was also back to keep an eye on the guys as some of the women involved in the shoot were purposely out to bait the guys. Fortunately for Hannah, none of them seemed to fall into the trap of temptation. Luke was told to back off by Hannah who felt he was crossing the line into arrogance. Peter got the group date rose. 

Tailgate party time

The cocktail party was cancelled but the boys got to enjoy a full day with Hannah at a tailgate party! In a plot twist, production had to send Tyler G. home as he had some negative characteristics that were brought to the show's attention. Cam was causing plenty of trouble among the guys in the house and on the dates that at the tailgate party, he told the guys that he needed to tell Hannah something very important and not to interrupt him. At this point, it was clear that Cam's motives were manipulative and some of the guys brought that to Hannah's attention. In the end, Cam was sent home at the tailgate party. 

More drama next week

Along with Tyler G. and Cam, Joey and Jonathan also got the cut in this week's episode. It's looking like the crazy is only going to continue to evolve as the weeks continue. Who will end up in the hospital next week? Stay tuned... 

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