• 2000s TV series were at the top of their game
  • We compiled a list of some of the best
  • Learn more about classics like Dexter and Breaking Bad

It feels like it was just yesterday when we saw serial killer "Dexter Morgan" for the first time in Dexter, but the show was actually released in the 2000s! It seems that real TV classics appeared just right after the new millennium began almost 20 years ago.

Michael C. Hall at the premiere screening of Dexter Season 8, California, 2013

Fans are still enjoying the best series from the 2000s

A couple of series from the 2000's were so successful that fans had the opportunity to watch them for at least five years in a row.

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But that's not all! Those TV shows were so significant that they became real classic series that nowadays are still being watched by audiences all over the world!