• The Bold and the Beautiful is a successful soap opera
  • "Thomas Forrester" has been played by a few actors
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The Bold and the Beautiful's "Thomas Forrester" was introduced early on in the series when his mother "Taylor Hamilton" gives birth to him in the back of a car. "Thomas" would be played by a number of child actors until he was aged drastically in the early 2000s. 

After being aged to 18, American actor Drew Tyler Bell would begin starring as "Thomas". Bell, while best known for his role on The Bold and the Beautiful, is also known for starring in films like Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) and TV series like Desperate Housewives.

The Bold and the Beautiful: "Thomas"

Adam Gregory attends the 25th Silver Anniversary Party in 2012 for The Bold and the Beautiful

The next star to play The Bold and the Beautiful's "Thomas" would be Adam Gregory. Picking up for Bell in 2010, Gregory would star as "Thomas" for four years. The American actor is also known for series like 90210Winx Club, and Law & Order

The third actor to play Bold and the Beautiful's "Thomas" would come in 2015, when Pierson Fodé, known for the comedy-drama Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List (2015), took over the part. The handsome actor was warmly received by fans and would stay in the role until 2018.

"Thomas" Today

Pierson Fodé attends The Bold and The Beautiful 30th Years Anniversary 2017

The most current actor to play "Thomas Forrester" today is Matthew Atkinson. Getting his start on the popular CW series One Tree Hill, Atkinson is a soap opera pro, also having starred regularly in The Young and the Restless as "Austin Travers".

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Atkinson would begin playing the part of "Thomas" in 2019 and there have been no signs of him quitting any time soon. Out of all of The Bold and the Beautiful "Thomas Forresters", which one has been your favorite?