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  • She knows what she wants
  • She had THESE demands for 'The Proposal'

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds played side by side in the film 'The Proposal'. Particularly memorable is the nude scene of the two of them.

Sandra Bullock about nude scene: "humiliated and funny"

In one scene, Sandra Bullock slips naked after showering and falls on Ryan Reynolds, who is also naked. This is very untypical for the beautiful brunette, because she doesn't usually do nude scenes. In this case she made an exception... under the following conditions:

She wanted to play with someone she has known for a long time and feels comfortable with. "Ryan and I have known each other since before puberty," the Hollywood star tells the podcast 'About Last Night'.

This gave Sandra a sense of security to be naked: "Because of this, I knew I was safe with a friend I trusted both comedically and safety-wise".

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Another condition was that their nudity was not presented sexually, but funny: "I thought, 'I'll only do this nude scene if I can be humiliated and funny'," Sandra Bullock says.

"I will never try to look sexy naked, neither in real life nor on screen," continues the actress. She definitely succeeded, the nude scene is one of the funniest moments of the film!