• '9-1-1' is a hit drama produced by Fox
  • The show was almost cancelled
  • It will now air on ABC

The show has done so well that hardly any viewers suspect how close the series escaped a cancellation. In fact, Fox decided to cancel '9-1-1' after the sixth season, as reported by 'Deadline'. However, this decision was not entirely unexpected and does NOT mean a definitive end to the series.

They almost gave it the axe!

From the seventh season, the show will be broadcast on ABC. "It is a privilege to keep '9-1-1' in the family as producers with 20th Television and we look forward to sharing more heartbreaking and uplifting stories about these beloved characters on our network," a network executive said.

Also interesting:

But why did Fox decide against keeping it running in the first place? According to 'Deadline', there are some very practical financial reasons behind Fox's exit... 

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