• The Last Of Us is a complete success
  • Is there talk about a second season?
  • Many people feel connected to the protagonists of the series

The Series The Last Of Us, a series adaptation of the video game of the same name, is currently enjoying huge success.

The Last Of Us is well received

The second episode of The Last Of Us already made it clear how successful the HBO series is: 5.7 million people watched the episode, around a million more than the first.

Rotten Tomatoes gives the series a 97 percent rating and IMDB gave it a 9.3 rating.

Also interesting:

As HBO has now announced, the series has been so successful after such a short time that a second season is already being worked on. Francesca Orsi, HBO's Head of Drama, announces: "After pulling off this unforgettable first season, I can't wait to watch this team outshine themselves again with season two."

The creator of the game and series said he's honored and overwhelmed that so many people tuned in and connected to the retelling of "Joel's" and "Ellie's" journey.

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