• The Middle is a popular American TV show
  • It aired nine seasons from 2009 to 2018
  • See the cast today in our video!

It took only two and a half years for The Middle to be syndicated after it debuted. HBO Max began streaming the series in 2020.  

The Middle: The Stars Now

The realistic portrayal of a middle-class family is what caught the critics' and audience's attention. The Middle starred Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn as the "Hecks" who have three unusual but hilarious kids.


On The Middle, the "Heck" kids were played by Charlie McDermott, Atticus Shaffer, and Eden Sher. The series ended in 2018, so where are they all now?

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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To learn what the former cast members of The Middle are doing today, please watch the video above. It's definitely one of our favourite sitcoms of all time.