"Fran Fine's" parents are named "Sylvia" and "Morty". The names of actress Fran Drescher's parents in real life are also Sylvia and Morty. Coincidence? We highly doubt it! When "Fran" and "Mr. Sheffield" have twins, they name them "Eve" and "Jonah", which are in fact the names of the kids of Rachel Chagall, who plays "Val" in The Nanny.

The Nanny: This is "CC Babcock's" full name

Did you know that the new wife of "Fran's" ex-fiancé "Danny" is actually played by Pamela Anderson? "CC Babcock's" first name is actually revealed in the very final episode of the show: her full name is "Chastity Claire Babcock". Over the years, the show had many celebrities as guest stars like Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor and Jay Leno.

Whoopi Goldberg, Coolio, Elizabeth Taylor and Rosie O'Donnell actually appeared as guests twice - once in character and once as themselves. Actress Ann Guilbert played the role of "Yetta", "Fran's" grandmother. "Yetta's" daughter and "Fran's" mother "Sylvia" was played by Renée Taylor - the funny thing is that Renée was in fact only five years older than Ann Guilbert!

'The Nanny' Quiz


What is the name of the cosmetics brand "Fran" was selling door to door?