Robert Pattinson is the next star to play "Batman." In March 2022, his film titled The Batman is due to arrive in theatres. Now, a new trailer previews the highly anticipated film. And the two-and-a-half minute clip has it all.

New The Batman trailer promises a dark movie

The trailer is dark, dramatic, and gritty. In the action-packed clip, "Batman" is shot several times. There's a brawl, chases, and even some explosions.

But "Bruce Wayne" always seems to get away with it. In addition to the new lead actor, Colin Farrell and Zoë Kravitz, who co-star as "The Penguin" and "Catwoman," are also revealed in the trailer.

The theatrical release of The Batman was postponed significantly last year. The shooting once even had to pause due to a COVID-19 outbreak — and Pattinson of all people is said to have been the one infected.

But the film has now set a March 4, 2022, premiere date, which appears likely to stand, given that other major releases have been moving forward in recent months.