• 'The O.C.' is now a cult classic 
  • Countless actors auditioned for the show
  • These Hollywood stars wanted to play the leading roles

In the series 'The O.C.,' Mischa Barton and Benjamin McKenzie captivated audiences with their roles as "Marissa Cooper" and "Ryan Atwood."

However, completely different actors were considered to take on these roles.

What other actors auditioned for the show?

'The O.C.'s casting director Patrick Rush revealed that Hollywood heartthrob Chris Pine had originally auditioned for the role of "Ryan." But ultimately he wasn't chosen due to superficial reasons, Patrick explains:

"...he was really really really good but – this is painful. At the time Chris Pine’s skin was really really bad and that broke my heart because I was a kid with acne. I remember thinking he was so good."

In addition to Pine, there was another contender for the role. Adam Brody, who portrayed "Seth Cohen," originally auditioned for "Ryan."

Mischa Barton also had a competitor for her role, and it was none other than Olivia Wilde.

The beautiful blonde had "just moved out to L.A., it was one of her first auditions and was super compelling," said the series creator, Josh Schwartz.

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Ultimately, they chose Mischa Barton because of her younger aspect. According to Schwartz, she "just had a bit more of that tragic air to her." Although Wilde didn't get the part, she was so appealing that she ended up appearing in 13 episodes as "Alex Kelly".

Even "Summer" actress Rachel Bilson would have preferred to play "Marissa." Mischa Barton and Benjamin McKenzie faced quite a bit of competition for their roles on 'The O.C.' Discover more details, in our video.