• The Rings of Power belongs to the The Lord of the Rings universe
  • The series recently started
  • THAT is how expensive she is

The first two episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have been available to stream on Prime Video since September 2nd. The rights to the new The Lord of the Rings series was fiercely contested by the streaming providers in advance. However, Amazon got hold of the rights for a mega sum.

Unbelievable sum: The Rings of Power is so expensive

The shipping giant shelled out around $250 million for the streaming license for the show, but that's not all. The production costs were many times higher - according to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon invested around 715 million US dollars in production.

The total amount spent so far is estimated at one billion US dollars. This makes The Rings of Power the most expensive series of all time. The viewers will decide whether it lives up to this sum and the expectations behind it.

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'Lord of The Rings' Was Filmed In These Locations

A total of five seasons await The Lord of the Rings fans. The first season was filmed in New Zealand from February 2020 to early August 2021 and will consist of eight episodes. The showrunner and Executive Producer are J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. Peter Jackson is not on board this time.

The story takes place in the second age of "Middle-earth" and thus begins over 3,000 years before the adventures of "Bilbo" and "Frodo Baggins". "Melkor", the source of all evil in this world, has just been defeated, but the dark ruler "Sauron" is rising.

Every week fans can now expect a new episode with old and new The Lord of the Rings characters. And hopefully, the second season won't be too long in coming. From October 2022, Season 2 of The Rings of Power will be filmed - not in New Zealand, but in the UK, according to Time magazine.