• The Waltons is a 1970s TV classic
  • "Grandma" and "Grandpa" are beloved characters
  • This is the truth about the actors

The Waltons has been off the air for 40 years, but the TV classic still has fans to this day. And two of the most beloved characters have to be the "Walton" grandparents.

"Grandma" and "Grandpa" were played by actors Ellen Corby and Will Geer. On The Waltons, they were a married couple, but off-screen they led rather different lives.

The Waltons: "Grandma" and "Grandpa" stars were LGBT

Did you know? Both "Grandma" and "Grandpa" actors from The Waltons are thought to have been part of the LGBT community in real life.

Though they starred on The Waltons — a rather traditional and religious show — both Ellen Corby and Will Geer were apparently in same-sex relationships off-screen.

Which isn't to say fans of The Waltons would've disapproved, but these were less-accepting times in Hollywood and society at large. The actors weren't open about it, but several resources and first-hand accounts back up the claim.

Will Geer's and Ellen Corby's partners

Will Geer had an interesting life before The Waltons, which included days as an activist, a communist, and a musician. He was married for 20 years to a woman, Herta Ware, but the "Grandpa Walton" actor was also involved with a man named Harry Hay.

They are said to have met in the 1930s and been partners for an uncertain period of time. Hay was a famous gay rights activist, and he openly described Geer as his "lover" in an interview with The Progressive.

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Similarly, Ellen Corby first married a man, Francis Corby, in 1934. They divorced a decade later, and the "Grandma Walton" actress met a woman named Stella Luchetta in the 1950s.

Facts on Ellen and Stella's relationship are harder to come by. However, upon Corby's death in 1999, the LA Times named Stella Luchetta as the lone-surviving person in Corby's life. They called Stella her "friend of 45 years."

They are said to have lived together for decades and until Corby's death. Wizzley even suggests their relationship was an "open secret in Hollywood."

Fans will never forget the talented pair who brought "Grandma Esther Walton" and "Grandpa Zebulon Walton" to the screen.

Ellen Corby was with the series until the end, but Will Geer's time on the show ended when he died in 1978.