When does The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel take place is a question many fans are curious to get answers to. While we watch the life of the characters over the course of three years, time is, in fact, much slower in the show starting in late 1958 and just beginning the 1960s by season three.

When The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel first starts, "Miriam Maisel" (Rachel Brosnahan) is busy preparing for Yom Kippur, a holiday that takes place in the early fall. By the end of season one, the city is bustling with Christmas spirit, which means that only three months have eclipsed in the first season.

When does The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel take place: Season Two

When does The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season two take place? While a year has passed for viewers, season two picks up almost right where season one left off.

"Miriam" and the cast have just entered the year 1959, and over the first four episodes we see "Miriam" get demoted from B. Altman floor girl to switchboard operator, "Rose Weissman" (Marin Hinkle) take off to Paris, and "Abe Weissman" (Tony Shalhoub) finally decide to chase after his runaway wife. 

Off to a much faster pace than the first season, by the fifth episode of season two, we have entered summer in the Catskills and by episode seven we are back celebrating Yom Kippur! By the time season two ends, we are nearing the end of 1959. 

Timeline of Season Three

Season three picks up around Christmas of 1959 with "Miriam" performing at the USO. She then signs on to tour with "Shy Baldwin" (Leroy McClain) for six months, putting season three's end somewhere around the summer of 1960. Factoring in the two-month tour hiatus, and the birth of "Astrid" (Justine Lupe) and "Noah's" (Will Brill) son, we calculate season three's end at August of 1960.

This likely means that the fourth season will start around the celebration of Yom Kippur and that over the past three years of our viewing, life in "Mrs. Maisel" world has only progressed two years. We are excited to see how fast season four of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will take place.

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