• 'The Virginian's' iconic filming locations
  • Universal Studios Backlot
  • Where the Old West came to life on screen

The Western drama series 'The Virginian' remains a classic in the hearts of its fans. While the show's compelling characters and captivating stories took center stage, the locations where it was filmed played a pivotal role in bringing the Old West to life.

The Heart of the West: The Shiloh Ranch

'The Virginian' primarily revolved around the Shiloh Ranch, a sprawling cattle ranch. In reality, this iconic location was portrayed by the beautiful Driskill Mountain in Encino, California. The ranch's vast landscapes and picturesque scenery captured the essence of the Western frontier.

Fun fact: The Shiloh Ranch was so convincingly depicted that fans often inquired about its location, believing it was a real ranch.

James Drury & Doug Mcclure Characters: The Virginian, Trampas Television: The Virginian (1962) 19 September 1962 PUBLICA

Universal Studios Backlot: The Ideal Set

The Universal Studios backlot served as the backdrop for many of the show's town scenes. Universal City, California, provided the perfect setting for the streets, saloons, and other key locales within the show. This versatile setting allowed for the creation of diverse Western towns, bringing the Old West to life for viewers.

Kernville, California: A Natural Beauty

The quaint town of Kernville in California made frequent appearances in 'The Virginian.' Nestled along the banks of the Kern River, this picturesque location offered the perfect blend of charm and natural beauty, adding authenticity to the show's Western setting.

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While 'The Virginian' may have concluded its run, its filming locations continue to evoke the spirit of the Old West. The show's enduring appeal is a testament to the authenticity and immersive quality of its filming locations, which transported viewers to a time when the West was still wild and untamed.