The popular zombie series The Walking Dead has its days numbered. This morning, the AMC television channel announced that one of their most popular dramas will end after its 11th season, scheduled to air between 2021 and 2022. According to Variety, the series based on the comics created by Robert Kirkman will return to television later this year to end the tenth season. However, this does not mean that the universe of The Walking Dead is about to disappear from the small screen completely.

AMC announces that The Walking Dead will end after 11 seasons

According to Variety, AMC decided to conclude the successful series The Walking Dead with an eleventh season that will span 24 episodes and two years of broadcast.

Norman Reedus in a scene from the series 'The Walking Dead'.

The series, nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Drama in 2011, will air the last four episodes of its 10th season this fall, before going on a hiatus to film the final season.

In late 2021, AMC will air the first of 24 episodes that will make up season 11 of The Walking Dead, scheduled to end in the summer of 2022.

The Walking Dead spin-off starring "Daryl" and "Carol" announced

However, the end of The Walking Dead does not mean that the universe will disappear from the small screen completely. AMC also gave the green light to a spin-off starring two of the series' most beloved characters: "Daryl" and "Carol."

Melissa McBride in a scene from the series 'The Walking Dead'.

Variety reports that the channel authorized a series focused on the characters played by Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, produced by Angela Kang and Scott Gimple, also responsible for the first seasons of The Walking Dead. The project, still untitled, will premiere in 2023.

Parallel to that, the channel is already preparing an anthological series entitled Tales of The Walking Dead and will premiere the series The Walking Dead: World Beyond in October of this year. Also, Fear The Walking Dead is about to begin its sixth season. It seems that we won't get rid of zombies on television so easily in the next few years.