A lot has changed since The Office ended almost 10 years ago.

For starters, "Jim" actor John Krasinski has become an action and horror movie star. He's also a film writer and director, and he's actually enlisted a former The Office co-star for his next movie.

John Krasinski's new movie will star THIS Office actor

Krasinski is the writer-director of a new film called IF, and it will feature actor Steve Carell in a main role.

Two Stars From The Office Are Reuniting On A New Movie

Of course, Carell made TV history as "Michael Scott" on The Office. It's a little unclear if Krasinski will also act in the film, but he'll get to direct his familiar co-star from the past.

Krasinski and Carell's new film is about a child's journey to rediscover their imagination, according to Deadline.

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So it's not sounding like the new project will resemble The Office in any way. It's expected to be released in 2023, which will, incidentally, mark 10 years since The Office finale.

To learn the full IF cast and details on the movie, please watch the video above.