Here's the list of the 5 Most Emotional Episodes of The Simpsons!

5. "Marge Be Not Proud"

In this Christmas episode from the show's seventh season, Bart gets busted for shoplifting! When the family learns of Bart's crime, it creates a fracture in the family - especially between him and Marge

As Christmas approaches, Bart feels increasingly left out of the Simpson family unit. Marge and Homer's distrust of Bart after the incident leads to the episode's emotional climax. They accuse Bart of stealing once again, only to learn that it is a sentimental Christmas gift that he has purchased and snuck into the house.

The Simpson family makes up in time for Christmas!

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4. "And Maggie Makes Three"

This popular episode is from The Simpsons, Season 6. It tells the story of Maggie's birth after Lisa asks why there are no photos of Maggie in the family's albums.

Homer explains that having a third child, Maggie, required him to get a higher paying job, which he got at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer despises his job at the power plant, however.

The episode concludes with a touching reveal: Homer keeps all of Maggie's baby photos in his workspace. They cover parts of a sign in his office, rewording it to read "Do it for her."

3. "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish"

This episode goes all the way back to the show's second season in 1991! It sees the Simpson family take a liking to sushi. Only, Homer decides to eat a risky piece of blowfish, which can be fatal if the wrong parts are ingested.

After eating the fish, Homer is told that he only has 24 hours to live. The episode follows Homer as he says his final goodbyes in the lead up to his final hours.

Spoiler alert: Homer doesn't die in the show's second season! He ends up surviving the scare, but his emotional journey through the episode is still a heartfelt watch. 

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2. "Lisa's First Word"

"Lisa's First Word," from Season 4, flashes back to Bart and Lisa's early childhood. Homer reveals how, despite a young Bart's dislike of his newborn sister, Lisa's first word was in fact "Bart."

But the most emotional moment in the episode comes after we learn Lisa's first word. As Homer reflects on Bart and Lisa's noisy present-day behaviour, he puts Maggie to bed and says "I hope you never say a word."

After Homer leaves the room, Maggie speaks her first word: "Daddy."

1. "Mother Simpson"

This tear-jerker Season 7 episode introduces Homer's mother, Mona, who had been absent from his life since early childhood. Mona reveals to Homer that she'd been on the run from police after a protesting incident went wrong.

Mona isn't able to stay in Homer's life, sadly, as she is forced to flee once again. Viewers often name the episode's closing image as the saddest in the show's history. After saying goodbye, Homer silently sits atop his car gazing into the starry night sky.

The Simpsons is in the middle of airing its 31st season on Fox. Revisit these classic emotional moments from The Simpsons to remind yourself of the show's heart!

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