Over the weekend, the "Walton" family was back on TV for the first time in decades.

Fans had been waiting for The Waltons' Homecoming for months, and it finally premiered on The CW on Sunday. The film, a remake of the 1971 Waltons Christmas movie, scored pretty impressive ratings, but the response from viewers was mixed.

The Waltons' Homecoming: Fans react to new remake movie

Unfortunately, it seems most fans were unhappy with the film. Many were displeased with curse words, missing characters and bratty kids, and most felt it failed to recapture the magic of the classic movie and series.

For example, one disappointed fan wrote on Twitter: "It had none of the original's charm. The script was awful, actors nondescript, and acting lackluster. The house was too nice for an impoverished mountain family. Only the actors who played Olivia and John-Boy were halfway decent."

Other fans were confused as to why "Ben Walton" was mysteriously absent in the film. "Definitely not a good remake at all!! Why was Ben not included?" a viewer tweeted.

A classic Waltons fan chimed in: "We hated this remake and couldn't watch it. Where did grandma and grandpa live if not with the family? Where was Ben? Erin, Elizabeth, and Jason we're not red heads now?"

While the negative response outweighed the positive, some viewers did enjoy the new movie and appreciated the narration by original star Richard Thomas. One fan wrote: "I enjoyed the walton reboot. Hope they make more."

Richard Thomas attends The Waltons' Homecoming (2021) premiere.

Another added: "Loved it! Thank you. TV today needs The Waltons." One more praised the "beautiful" music, and the audience seemed to like actor Logan Shroyer as "John-Boy" best.

So, fans certainly had passionate responses to The Waltons' Homecoming. And even if it wasn't all positive, the film did score well in the ratings for its premiere night.

According to Deadline, the broadcast on The CW was the network's best turnout of the fall and had almost 1 million viewers.

The film was made by The CW to mark the 50th anniversary of The Homecoming: A Christmas Story, the 1971 TV movie that preceded The Waltons TV show.

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