• This is where 'Rawhide' was shot
  • The show premiered in 1959
  • 'Rawhide' aired for eight seasons

Hold onto your cowboy hats, folks, because we're about to lasso some juicy tidbits about the legendary Western drama series 'Rawhide' that had Clint Eastwood (then a dashing young actor) riding high in the saddle!

California dreamin' or Texas twang? 

When 'Rawhide' premiered on CBS back in '59, it wasn't just the cattle that were stirring up dust. Fans were hooked on the adventures of "Gil Favor" and his trusty sidekick "Rowdy Yates," but little did they know, the rugged Texan landscapes were as Californian as Hollywood itself!

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Despite the series being set deep in the heart of Texas, the producers had to tighten their belts and make do with the Golden State due to a slim production budget and a shortage of local film crews in the Lone Star State. Talk about movie magic!

From Simi Valley to the silver screen: 'Rawhide's' Cinematic Journey 

The pilot season kicked off near Simi Valley, where the Big Sky Ranch played host to Gil's ranch. The ranch owners not only provided the backdrop but also wrangled up some farm animals for that authentic Western vibe. And let's not forget the scenic shots around Lone Pine, Paso Robles, and Thousand Oaks that had viewers hankering for the open road.

RAWHIDE, Clint Eastwood, Steve Raines, Raymond St. Jacques, (Season 8), 1959-66 Courtesy Everett Collection !ACHTUNG AUF

But hold your horses! The show also galloped over to Arizona and New Mexico for those iconic interior scenes at Apacheland Studios and some breathtaking outdoor moments near San Xavier and Sonoita. They even shot scenes in the historic Tumacacori National Historical Park!

Plot twist: The story behind the story 

Amidst the cattle drives and cowboy showdowns, 'Rawhide' was really about the bond between "Gil" and "Rowdy" as they faced outlaws and the untamed wilderness. It's a tale of grit, gumption, and the relentless pursuit of driving those doggies to market!

There you have it, entertainment enthusiasts! The filming locations of 'Rawhide' are as storied as the series itself.