• The writers strike has put a stop to many productions
  • The Tony Awards are coming up soon
  • Producers have reached a waiver agreement

NBC reports that members of the Writers Guild of America said they would not picket the upcoming Tony Awards telecast. Last week, the union denied a request by the event's organizers for a waiver on the June 11 telecast. At the time, the union reiterated that the guild, “will not negotiate an interim agreement or a waiver for the Tony Awards.”

This year's show could be quite groundbreaking

NBC reports that the guild later said that a compromise had been reached, with the organizers, "altering this year’s show to conform with specific requests from the WGA."

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NBC reports that it remains unclear what aspects of the telecast might be altered, but speculates that it opens up the possibility of a non-scripted version of the Tonys, which could be very interesting...

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