• Two and a Half Men is a top sitcom of the 2000s
  • It used to star Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones
  • Go through the years with the cast in our video

The cast of Two and a Half Men has been through a lot. After becoming household names on the hit series, they each went their own way and experienced different levels of success and hardships.

The Two and a Half Men Stars After the Show Ended

Starting with the youngest member of the Two and a Half Men cast, Angus T. Jones played the role of "Alan's" son "Jake." In more recent times, Angus has turned his back on acting and dedicated himself to his faith and education.

Two and a Half Men: Through The Years With The Cast

Charlie Sheen is arguably the biggest star of them all and celebrated great success with Two and a Half Men. However, he struggled a lot with drug abuse and other issues following his departure from the show.

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Which actor, now a Hollywood superstar, first starred on 'ER'?

Jon Cryer is known worldwide as "Alan Harper" and even won two Emmys for the role. After the end of Two and a Half Men, the actor took part in various productions including the science fiction series Supergirl.

The beloved Conchata Ferrell played the role of the housekeeper "Berta." Unfortunately, the actress was diagnosed with a dangerous kidney infection and passed away in October of 2020. Other stars such as Ashton Kutcher have played big roles in the show and continue to achieve great things today...

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