"Celeste" was one of the first young ladies to steal the heart of "Jake Harper" (Angus T. Jones) on Two and a Half Men. She was a neighbour of the "Harpers" in season 6, having moved in with her father, played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

"Jake" and "Celeste" had a relationship that spanned several episodes in seasons 6 and 7, before "Charlie" encouraged "Jake" to meet a new girl while "Celeste" was away. This led to their breakup and her final appearance in season 7.

Two and a Half Men: "Celeste" actress Tinashe Kachingwe

"Celeste" was portrayed by actress Tinashe Kachingwe in 2008 and 2009. Where is the actress today, after appearing on Two and a Half Men in her teens?

Tinashe in 2009, when she appeared as "Celeste" on Two and a Half Men.

Today, the Two and a Half Men actress is known simply as Tinashe. She's 27 years old and is best known for her music, which usually falls under the R&B and hip-hop genres.

Tinashe has largely moved on from acting roles since Two and a Half Men, but she has appeared as herself on multiple TV series you might have seen. These include Empire, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Dancing with the Stars—on which she featured as a celebrity contestant in 2018. 

Tinashe today: Rent and her new music

The multitalented actress, singer, and dancer had a notable appearance in Fox's 2019 special Rent: Live. She played "Mimi Marquez" in the TV production of the popular musical.

Tinashe at Rent: Live event in 2019.

Dating back to 2012, Tinashe has released four mixtapes and another four studio albums. Her most recent album, Songs for You, debuted to positive reviews in November 2019.

In 2020, Tinashe has vocally supported the Black Lives Matter movement and made headlines for her extensive participation in protests. She was also forced to postpone a tour in support of Songs for You as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some fans may still remember "Celeste" on Two and a Half Men, but Tinashe has built a diverse career in the music and performing world since then. Her new collaboration with Iggy Azalea titled "DLNW" dropped on Aug. 21!