Emmanuelle Vaugier made her debut on Two and a Half Men in season 3 and went on to appear in 12 episodes across six different seasons. 

On the show, the actress played "Mia," a dance teacher who at first showed little interest in "Charlie." But he and fans of the show were smitten with "Mia," who later became his fiancée in season 4.

Two and a Half Men: "Mia" fell for "Charlie Harper"

"Charlie" eventually won over "Mia," but she had harsh demands for him. These included that he give up eating meat, smoking, drinking, and that he become abstinent. The pair did get engaged, but they broke it off after "Charlie" made it known that "Alan" wouldn't be moving out.

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After they broke up, "Mia" made a few more appearances in individual episodes post-season 4.

Where has Vaugier been since then?

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Two and a Half Men: Emmanuelle Vaugier in 2020

About 15 years have elapsed since we saw Emmanuelle Vaugier most frequently on Two and a Half Men! Since then, the now 43-year-old Canadian actress has continued to star in well-known TV shows and movies.

Of course, she starred as "Det. Jessica Angell" on CSI: NY between 2006 and 2009. Other recurring roles for her have included parts on Lost Girl, Mistresses, and Rogue.

Vaugier has additionally had guest spots on countless TV series such as Supernatural and Hawaii Five-0. In 2020, she appeared as "Major Anne Frost" on MacGyver and "Genevieve Parker" in the thriller Expectant.

You can also follow her on Instagram, where she posts everything from updates on her new roles to selfies and shots from her hobby as an equestrian.

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