On Two and a Half Men, "Michelle" forced "Charlie Harper" to date in his age group for once! In season 8, she was the dermatologist girlfriend who shocked "Charlie" when she revealed that she was actually in her late 40s. 

"Charlie" believed she was much younger, and expressed discomfort with dating a woman of her age — despite being in his 40s himself. He was later interested in her 20-year-old daughter "Shauna," but "Michelle" finally dumped him because of his interest in stalker "Rose."

Actress Liz Vassey's last appearance as "Michelle" came at the funeral of "Charlie" in season 9. Where has she been since then?

Two and a Half Men: "Michelle" actress Liz Vassey

Vassey's final Two and a Half Men episode aired in 2011. Since then, the former All My Children and CSI star has landed some key roles in web TV series and even gotten behind the camera herself on a documentary.

Two and a Half Men: "Michelle" Actress Liz Vassey in 2013.

In recent years, the now 48-year-old actress has played "Gillian Hunt" in Tello's Riley Parra web series and its 2019 film Better Angels. She also voiced "Lobstercules" on Amazon's The Tick, which sadly ended in 2019 after just two seasons.

Liz Vassey in 2020

Other roles for Vassey since Two and a Half Men include appearances on Nikki & Nora, Necessary Roughness, and Lifetime movie Sexting in Suburbia. But Vassey's self-described "passion project" was the 2019 documentary The Human Race, an inspirational film she wrote and directed about runners over the age of 50 training for their first 5K race.

Two and a Half Men: "Michelle" Actress Liz Vassey

Vassey is also on Twitter @LizVassey, where she keeps fans updated, weighs in on politics, and shares news about her entertainment world work! Whether she's behind the camera or leading a new show, we're excited to see what Liz Vassey does next.

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