• Fantastic Beasts 3 hit theatres this weekend
  • It only made $43 million dollars - the lowest of all Harry Potter films
  • There's speculation as to why that is 

While $43 million dollars seems like a good box-office return, it actually is a flop compared to all the other films a part of the beloved Harry Potter franchise films, and some fans are speculating why.

JK Rowling's comments coming to haunt her

Last year proved challenging for J.K Rowling and her franchise after the author made some anti-trans comments that sent the internet abuzz, as well as some backlash from the actors that are in her movies!


J.K Rowling made comments in 2020 regarding transgender folks, implying that she doesn't agree sex doesn't always equate to gender and furthermore continued to express her transphobia in various ways.

Additionally, the removal of Johnny Depp as "Geller Grindlewald" didn't sit right with fans, after Warner Bros. dropped the actor following the messy court proceedings with Amber Heard. Heard herself didn't lose any contracts and wasn't dropped from Aquaman, despite online petitions.

Also Interesting:

Depp and Heard have been in an ongoing court proceeding after Depp lost his libel case against Heard last year. 

Now, the tumultuous pair is in Virginia, as Depp is suing Heard for $53 million dollars in damages due to what he claims are "false allegations". Thousands of fans are supporting Depp during the trial.

Furthermore, Ezra Miller also ran into some legal trouble in recent months, and he is also a lead character in the franchise.

There are a few factors at play why many fans might want to boycott the series. Although the Fantastic Beasts series was intended to be a 5-part film, Warner Bros. has not confirmed there will be a fourth film in the making as of yet.