• Cote de Pablo is known as "Ziva David" on NCIS
  • The actress left her popular TV role in 2013
  • This is what Cote de Pablo has been up to lately

For years, actress Cote de Pablo was a fan-favourite on NCIS as Special Agent "Ziva David."

Originally, de Pablo left her signature NCIS role in season 11, but she delighted fans with a short-lived comeback in season 17.

But it has been nearly a decade since "Ziva" was on NCIS on a full-time basis. What has actress Cote de Pablo been up to since then?

Catching up with Cote de Pablo after NCIS

Since leaving NCIS, Cote de Pablo has acted in just a few other projects. These include her award-winning film The 33 and the miniseries The Dovekeepers.

Unfortunately for fans, de Pablo's name was also attached to several recent TV projects that were scrapped, including a science fiction series that would've been called Prototype.

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Elsewhere, Cote has previously reflected on her interest in stage musicals, and she is also a trained singer. But she doesn't appear to have branched out in those areas lately either.

In fact, de Pablo's most recent performance was actually during her NCIS comeback in 2020. What the private star has been up to since then remains something of a mystery.

But, following her NCIS comeback in 2020, the door was left open for "Ziva" to make future appearances on the series.

On NCIS or otherwise, fans certainly hope to see Cote de Pablo back on the screen soon!