A new "Bond" after Bond 25 

Daniel Craig (50) who will play "James Bond" for the last time in the 25th installment of the franchise, had to fight numerous other actors for the role in 2006, including both Rupert Friend (37) and Alex O'Loughlin (42), as well as Henry Cavill (35). Cavill was considered to be too young by the producers. As Daniel Craig will be playing "007" for the last time,  producers are on the hunt for a new "Bond".

Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale"

We are looking forward to seeing which actor will be portraying the fearless "Bond" on cinema screens in the future and according to the latest rumors, Richard Madden (32)James Norton (33)Tom Hardy (41)Damian Lewis (47) and Idris Elba (46) are all in the running. With all actors being highly credible and successful, the choice will be tough but we can't wait to see who they choose. 

It is hard to believe, but there are actors who did not want to play "James Bond". Some, on the other hand, were ear-marked for the part, but did not get it in the end. 

Sean Connery (88) is one of the most-loved "007" actors, but he was not the only one who was considered for the role. The producers also considered casting Richard Burton (†58) for the three films. He turned down the role however, as it was a new and untested concept and the producers did not want to pay him the sum that he wanted.

Richard Burton in Beverly Hills

Timothy Dalton (72) took on the secret agent role in 1987. He had to beat countless other actors to get the part. One of these actors was Mel Gibson (63). Gibson however, was rejected by the producer as he was not British. Clint Eastwood (88) and Burt Reynolds (82) were apparently also close contenders.